Case Milanesissime

Milano, Italia 2023

In the occassion of the Milano Design Week 2023, the surreal (or hyper-real?) blueprints of apartments for rent or for sale in Milan, Italy were captured with irresistible irony and sarcasm in Alvar Aaltissimo’s Case Milanesissime, a perfect collection of prints adequately discussing and criticizing the living/renting conditions in Milan and the world.


In ocassione della Milano Design Week 2023, le surreali (o iperreali?) piante di appartamenti in affitto o in vendita a Milano, catturate con irresistibile ironia nel Case Milanesissime, diventato una serie di stampe perfette per tutte le case milanesissime e non.


  “Flat for exes who still share a dog”

“Linear apartment. Not very waterproof. 500 Euros Monthly. Ideal for swimmers”

“Apartment for rent. Center of Milan. 16th floor, no stairs, no elevator and no doors. Has a huge terrace. Very safe and well ventilated. 600 Euros Monthly. Ideal for pigeons”