Corso Regina Margheritta

Torino, Italy (2016)

This project is set in the north of Italy, the Piedmontese city of Torino, where one of its main avenues (Corso Regina Margherita) receives an intervention along 1 km where the sidewalk is elongated, creeping into the street and invading it, creating a shared space between pedestrians and cars, causing the car traffic to slowen on the side lanes but remain flowing on the main lanes.

Site Analysis

This intervention is meant to create new alternative traffic flows, reflected on the bicycle lanes proposed; and new interactions and ways to experience the city throughout new urban equipment. The floor is tiled on a pixelated pattern, using as a palette the colors found on the buildings of this neighborhood (Vanchiglia) and thus slowing down the car traffic in this lane, which is now exclusive to the inhabitants of the surrounding buildings.