Tesla Diner

Hollywood, CA - 2024

Tesla Diner project in Santa Monica Blvd designed to be a flagship landmark / supercharger project for Tesla.

The 29-stall supercharger and diner/drive-in theater incorporates charging stalls in the bottom floor, as well as kitchen, a bar with stool seating, several booths, and an outdoor bar around the edge of the building. The bottom floor will also have a “carhop area” for waitstaff to bring meal orders out to cars in the parking lot.

The top floor will have outdoor rooftop seating with a bar, several tables, two rows of a theater-style seating area, and a standing bar behind the theater seats.

The parking lot will have two theatre screens visible to the rooftop area and to the cars in the parking lot. It will show short features, around 30 minutes long, meant to last as long as a standard meal/charging session might.

Storage/Charge rooms for Tesla Bots also contemplated.